Friday, December 23, 2016

Album Artwork!

Here is the artwork for the song Deep Down from my album 'Return' which will be released in 2017!

Crystal Sound Therapy & Taketina-Path of the Rhythm Warrior

2016 has been a big year for me! Even though I could only manage to play two shows due my mystery illness, I did find an fantastic way to entertain myself. Studying! I am currently studying two courses while working on getting well enough to get back to touring and gigging!


The first course is Crystal Sound Therapy using quartz crystal singing bowls. This is a great tool for pain relief and relaxation. I have also been playing the bowls with my piano which gives a unique layer to the songs. It's also really amazing learning about the power of sound for healing. There are many great things about sound therapy, but one that really struck me was that the ear connects directly into the central nervous system and this is one reason why sound healing is so effective. The sound waves pass through the ear, and directly calm the central nervous system. If you know anyone suffering with a chronic pain condition, insomnia or anxiety & depression, then sound therapy (and particularly the Quartz Crystal Bowls) can be amazingly beneficial on so many levels. It is even just great for increasing well being, sleep quality and energy. Here are some pictures of my quartz crystal bowls!


The other course I am studying is an amazing rhythm teacher training course with Austrian pianist, composer and drummer Reinhard Flatischler. It is called the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process and is a three year rhythm psychology course. The effects of TaKeTiNa are quite profound. It is used in academic and clinical settings worldwide as a tool for pain management, relaxation and self-mastery. I am finding it has already had a great impact on my piano playing.

2017 will be a fantastic year which will finally see the release of my album 'Return'. We have some great new t-shirt designs made up and the album cover is ready to send to the printer. More information on that to come! I will also be releasing the videos from the Steel City Strings Orchestra shows soon which are shaping up beautifully.

I wish you all the best for Christmas and the holiday season, plus love and inspiration for a prosperous and fulfilling New Year!!