Thursday, January 20, 2011

Burmese Orphans Donate button

Since November 2008 I have been involved in raising money for Burmese Orphanage Phaung Daw Oo. In 2010, a couple of special Orphans shows, plus a national tour raising money for these kids, created enough for me to be able to send over $1000 per month to them. During the tour, which included over 11,111 kms of driving, I raised money at the gigs by taking a tin around to everyone in the crowd. I was overwhelmed by people's response and generosity! Below you will see the sign I had on the side of my tour caravan.

In September 2010 I had a serious car accident in which I injured my right hand and this has kept me from playing my instruments for three months. This also meant that I had to cancel my Australian tour to recover. To help continue the flow of money to the Orphans while I am off the road, I have set up an easy way for people to donate.

With the help of my web designer Gav @ innervisions, we have set up a donate button for the Burmese Orphans which operates via Paypal! The button can be found at the below link:

Please help us to bring smiles of joy to the faces of these children, many of whom lost their parents in the huge Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

xo Rebecca