Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The full moon eclipse, the UK and the summer ahead...

Day one in the UK and I found myself lying in the gorgeous midday sun, in the middle of London (at my lovely friend Penny's place) working on my computer in what very much resembled a field surrounded by yellow flowers, stone walls and lady bugs. It's very easy to fall into some kind of medieval fairy tale in London, I love it! An early morning session in the hotel gym gave me a good dose of reality though, so I am attempting to get the balance right. Something strange has happened with time since I arrived here. I feel like time is going really slowly which is actually very relaxing. I have been waking up in the morning with 4 hours still to go before I really should be getting up! This is creating a sense of peace which I dont often have the pleasure of experiencing! Excellent. Some peace! Hooray.

The summer is stretched out before me from here and I think that today's full moon eclipse is a great way to begin the next chapter of a bright new journey. I feel like I am in the right place being in the UK, and it's almost like the songs have come home in a way. It is very strange that I would write songs in Australia, but feel like they are "home" when they are here.

My head just fills up with thoughts of Led Zeppelin, Fairport Convention, and folk rock history when I am here. It's like I enter some strange kind of music time warp which involuntarily overtakes my mind. Like a part of my brain is part of that time, and that is the place that the music wants to spring from. For now at least. There appears to be so much to say. And if I can get through this phase of the writing and produce something, then I am excited to learn what lives beyond the boundaries of this whole Folk Rock thing in my mind. It's another world, and I have no idea what lies out there.

Having said all this, I am fully submerged in the depths of these songs, and I believe that today, the day of a deep red full moon eclipse, is the PERFECT day for acquiring a MANDOLIN.