Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Australian Songwriters Association Awards

Happy to announce that songs from the new album are shortlisted in the ASA songwriters competition in the Rock/Indie, Spiritual, Ballad and Folk Acoustic categories. :)

Touring South, North and West!

October was brilliant! Here is the latest on everything that has been going on!

Had a lovely trip to the South Coast of NSW where I played a few shows, and finally spent some time at the beach. It brought back great memories of my 2012 national tour before I had my accident, and made me remember how much I love being out on the road.

I played a great gig at the Bottlerocket Bar in Nowra and also a very memorable show on Saturday 20th October at The Friendly Inn in Kangaroo Valley. I was joined by a few of the musos playing at the adjacent Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival and it was an awesome afternoon of music. :) Brilliant multi-instrumentalist Damien Neil played guitar, Roddy Reason was awesome on brushes and snare, with Alanna Eagan and Michelle Meehan sang backing vox on a few songs!

We had a really great show at Lizotte's in Newcastle for the Orphans fund raiser. It was an amazing night of music and awesome to watch Nicole Brophy and Sarah Humphreys perform. :)

There are a lot of gigs coming up soon including a NSW tour in December and also the Gulgong Folk Festival in NSW just after New Years.

Also happy to announce that I will be performing at the Tamar Valley Folk Festival in Tasmania in January. :) It's been three years since I toured in Tassie. In 2009 I toured there four times, a total of 12 weeks all up so I'm really looking forward to heading back there! I really love touring in Tasmania, it is such a beautiful part of Australia and the people love music and especially new music from the mainland!