Saturday, July 23, 2011

In love with The Isle of Skye

Time is ABSOLUTELY flying and I have suddenly found myself on the road in Scotland with an hilarious Harp/Dobro playing Englishman called Eddie and a great singer songwriter from Germany called Thomas. We just spent the past few days gigging on the GORGEOUS Isle of Skye in Scotland. It really is the most beautiful and exhilarating place I have ever been to.

Last night we did a gig in a pub called Saucy Mary's which was full of very drunk Scotsman who danced to a 15 minute long version of Joni Mitchell's 'This Flight Tonight'. Eddie and I had a mad jam on as many blues tunes as I could remember and it really was a great fun show. The night before we were in stunning Carbost and we played a whole lot of acoustic tunes to a very full pub, and oh my god the whiskey was incredible!

I am now in Edinburgh, sitting in the sun in the flat of a Scottish lass from the Isle of Skye who arranged our tour for us. We have two more days here, then I am heading back to London. my FLAT in London! It really is very exciting to have a place to be after so many months of traveling. I really am looking forward to doing some cooking, making some smoothies and cranking out the blender for some dairy free ice-cream.

Orphans money takings and cd sales have been going very well which is good and there are some great gigs coming up in the next few months...

Looking forward to getting back into the studio this week and finishing off the album. Then it's time to complete the artwork and do the final photo shoot before heading back to Australia!

That being said, I love it here so much...the UK feels like home.