Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nambour and Peregian Originals, The Eastern Lounge and The Opera House

The coming month is shaping up to be one of the busiest and best months ever as I head back out on the road! I have a great line of gigs leading up to the Afro Celt's show at the Sydney Opera House on the 14th March.

The official press release for the ACSS show went out this week and I now have a new guitar, which sounds particularly amazing live! My 1978 Washburn Prairie Song guitar was damaged in the accident. The bright side of this is I now own a Takamine 'Santa Fe’ which has an ingenious tube pickup system (which gives a great warm sound), an amazing turquoise inlay of a Native American Indian symbol on the fret board and turquoise around the sound hole! It's beautiful and it sounds good!

According to the Takamine website it was created to reflect the sounds of the American desert south. I found out yesterday that Ed Kowalczyk from 'Live' (one of my favorite bands) plays a Takamine, and his onstage acoustic guitar sound is the best live acoustic sound I have ever heard! So it's very exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing what new songs come from it as well.

I flew up to the Sunshine Coast this weekend for Nambour Originals today and I will stay in QLD till Peregian Originals 6th March. Nambour was gorgeous today! What an amazing bunch of people and brilliant community event. Nambour and Peregian Originals are absolutely by far some of the best shows any musician could play in the country. They are community events run by donation and provide an amazing outdoor live entertainment experience. Awesome!

After that I will be back in Sydney for some radio/press interviews for the Opera House gig and a little bit of dress shopping too! :) Another great upcoming gig that week is at the Eastern Lounge on Friday 11th March.

Hand therapy is continuing, and though I can play my instruments, (thank goodness/god/goddess and anyone else who was involved, for that!!!), my hand is still quite far from being ok, but I am so lucky and grateful that it wasn't worse, so it's hard to be too upset for too long!

I look forward to sharing the joy of the next phase with you. I'm heading into the studio in Bondi, Sydney this week to put the finishing touches on an Opera House release CD which will be available on the night and also on the website afterwards. We will be releasing a new photo film clip for the song Deep Down very soon as well.

Take care,
xo Rebecca

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