Monday, March 18, 2013

Thredbo Alpine Hotel Winter Residency

Fantastic news! I will be performing as one of the resident artists in the Lounge Bar at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel over the winter. The best thing about this, besides the snowboarding, is they have a grand piano. Looking forward to seeing what songs the mythical snowscape will bring this time! A winter of snowboarding and music ahead. Two of my favorite things! :)

Album cover photo shoot

Coming up soon...album cover photo shoot with my friend Lyn Taylor! Very excited to be this close to being able to share my album with the world!

Check out:

From her website... "Lyn isn't just an admirer of photography, she breathes it. She isn't just a music appreciator, she lives it. She drinks in inspiration from photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, and musicians like Ryan Adams. She believes that art, music and imagery are intertwined to communicate to others an emotion... A message."