Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grand Finalist Melbourne Fresh Industry Showcase

Hey everyone,

I am playing in the Grand Final of the Melbourne Fresh Industry Showcases on Tuesday 22nd Dec. The brilliantly talented Damien Neil will be performing with me at this show.

I have had a terrible time the last few weeks though. I got my wisdom teeth out and it was the worst! I have been sick from the operation since then and its pretty hard to sing at the moment, but hopefully I will be on the mend really soon!

We are starting the recording of the new album on Dec 28th 2009 which is very exciting. Luckily we are tracking the drums first so I have a bit more time to get better before I have to sing!

Just drove up from Melbourne to the south coast NSW today. We went the long way via the Hume Hwy and blew a tyre on the caravan on the way. It was a pretty spectacular blow out, tyre all over the road!!! The van has light truck tyres on it now though so I'm gonna be ok for the massive tour next year.

The best bit about the blow out was that while we were waiting for the "rack-v guy" (RACV guy-my son calls him the rack-v guy), two wedge tailed eagles flew down right above the car!!! It was pretty awesome!

Hope you are all well. Come along to Revolver on Tuesday 22nd Dec for the Grand Final if you can. We are playing at 6.30pm.

Have a good christmas and New Year folks! Hope 2010 is your best year yet!

xo Rebecca