Monday, November 28, 2011

String quartet for Storm in the Weather

This Saturday we will be recording the new string arrangement for Storm in the Weather with a string quartet and an arrangement by Simon Hale :) Cant wait to hear it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn, tix booked, flying home and the winter/summer on it's way

I love the seasons changing.

I have been lucky enough to experience two Autumns this year. Watching the leaves turn and fall in Bright, Victoria Australia in April and May was magic, and now I'm watching the same in London. Slowly the days and nights are cooling down and at one or two in the morning when I emerge from the studio at the end of another day working on the record, the air is cold and clear.

I would LOVE to see London in the snow...reports say early snow may be on the cards, I hope so!!! If it snows before I go, that would be a major highlight of my trip!

It's funny to be experiencing the air turning towards winter here in the UK, knowing that in just over a month I will be flying into the Aussie summer in Sydney. This week I booked my tix home which was both exciting and a bit sad too. Totally mixed emotions heading back...