Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Magnetic Island Magic

I am staying in a gorgeous house in the rainforest on Magnetic Island QLD. I'm going to be here for a few weeks painting the album cover for my second full length album. It's been bucketing down rain for days, there are rivers everywhere. I'm surrounded by water. It's the perfect environment for watercolour painting and the rainforest trees create such beautiful shapes!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closing the Distance EP OUT NOW/Sydney Opera House

On Monday night at the Sydney Opera House I released a new EP titled Closing the Distance. I supported the Afro Celt Sound System at this show and it was amazing and SO MUCH FUN! It was an honour to support the Afro Celt's, and the crowd was one of the best I have ever played to!

It's a great feeling to have a new group of songs to share with the world. This also means that I am also another step closer to releasing the full length album!

The track listing on the EP is:

1. Arnica (Piano Version)
2. Behind the Stone (Live studio version with Dave Sparks)
3. Deep Down (Full band)

"Closing the Distance" is available at www.rebeccamooremusic.com/rebecca-moores-shop.html

Closing the Distance EP cover artwork:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The relevence of Peregian Originals to touring musicians.

The Sunshine Coast Council is currently proposing changes to the permits for Peregian Originals, which is a fortnightly live outdoor original music concert. They are considering reducing the events from 24 per year to 12. The following is the letter I wrote to several members of the Council. I focussed specifically on the relevence of Peregian to touring artists (like me!)

I am writing to you about Peregian Originals and my concern about the proposed changes to the number of events per year. I have been a touring musician in Australia for 15 years and have played at hundreds of venues, theatres, festivals, busking, outdoor gigs, parties, house concerts, pubs and markets. In the entire 15 years I can honestly say to you that Peregian Originals is by FAR the best opportunity for artists to play to a large appreciative audience in Australia, outside the festival circuit.

I am completely opposed to the reduction of events at Peregian Originals. The reduction in scheduled concerts significantly reduces the benefits of the event to both the touring musicians of this country and to the community as well.

In 2010 I was on a 20,000 km national tour and had an accident where I rolled my car and tour caravan out near Mt Isa. In this accident I sustained serious damage to my right hand and had 5 months off. I am telling you this for two main reasons:

1. Touring in Australia as a live independent original musician and making a living from it is an incredible challenge

2. Peregian (and Nambour) Originals were the first two places that I booked to perform at when I recovered from my accident because there are so many supportive people there. Peregian makes it EASIER for artists to DO THEIR JOB.

This coming Monday I will play the biggest gig of my career so far at the Sydney Opera House, supporting UK world music super group the Afro Celt Sound System. Last week I was booked to play at Peregian Originals (we were rained out) and the week before that I played at Nambour Originals. I immediately considered playing at Peregian and Nambour in preparation for this Opera House gig, because it is literally THE ONLY ready made crowd of 400+ that I have come across IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!

Peregian and Nambour Originals offers artists like myself the opportunity to play in a festival-like environment, bypassing the challenging (and often fruitless) festival application process of applying months earlier. Peregian fits into the touring schedule of many touring artists perfectly because it is possible to play at pubs/music venues in the same area, and not jeopardise either event therefore supporting tour income. The Sunday afternoon time slot allows musician to gig on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night around the area (even in Brisbane) and still play the Sunday show. It allows us to play to a great cross section of the community, people who are particularly supportive of live music. Because of the focus on original music, Peregian supports the ARTISTS to do what they do best, CREATE and PLAY.

It is increasingly more difficult to get original song work unless you are a big name. Peregian Originals offers a platform for artists to share their creativity with an audience who CARES! It is especially refreshing to play to people who aren't DRUNK, in an OUTDOOR setting as well.

Peregian Originals is a GIFT to hard working musicians like myself who rarely get a chance to just walk up and "play".

I am totally confused as to why the Sunshine Coast Council would be seeking to reduce the number of concerts when SURELY supporting an event like this is 100% in the interests of community well being, creativity, health and happiness. Not only does it offer the musicians a break from the toughness of "the road" it also provides an unrivaled and unique creative music experience for the 100's of families who come along to the shows. In addition, the obvious benefits to local businesses cannot possibly be overlooked. The purpose of this message is to present to you the standpoint of a full time musician and to the HUGE contribution that Peregian makes to touring musicians lives.

The relevence of recounting my accident was to highlight the lengths that artists can need to go to, to secure a financial return from their art. To make it financially viable, I was touring solo, traveling with a caravan, setting up and packing down my own PA by myself, playing 3 x 45 mins per day, sometimes having driven up to 800km to get to the show.

I absolutely cannot understand why the organisers of this Peregian Originals aren't receiving EVERY possible encouragement and support from the Council, for the value they are adding to the Sunshine Coast community and to the greater music community of Australia.

I would like you to consider the far reaching and inspirational effects that Peregian Originals has, (and has had FOR 11 YEARS) on the people of your region, tourists, and the traveling musicians who need every bit of support that they can get from events like this.

I could seriously write you an entire thesis on the benefits of Peregian, but feel I have said enough to give you a sense of how important this is to SO MANY PEOPLE.

If you would like to talk to me about any aspect of this at all, please feel free to call or email me.

I really hope that common sense is employed in this situation and that Peregian gets all the help it can, now, and in the future, from the Sunshine Coast Council.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Moore